I started the Challenge Group after a long and arduous journey. This journey is represented in our logo. The goose in the Celtic tradition represents the Holy Spirit. As you know every year the Canadian geese make a long and arduous journey together. Whenever the lead goose grows tired, one of the others will support it by taking the lead. That is what the Challenge Group feels like, as we take the long journey together and support eachother, sharing the highs and the lows. This can be a journey carrying feelings of huge sadness, exhaustion;isolation, despair and depression, frustration and anger. It can also be a journey of discovery; of depth of vision; enrichment; of deepened friendships; finding value in what life is really about and of finding God Himself and his overwhelming love for us.

I am a Christian, and the turning point in my arduous journey came to me in a dream! I felt very angry that the loving God I believed in could allow these things to happen and I felt deserted and abandonned. One night I dreamed that I was standing in a grey concrete room with a shallow puddle that I was fishing in! I felt depressed and hopeless and said to my husband, "there's just no point" I then felt this hand on my shouldre and heard a voice saying, "You have to change your perspective. Go over to the other side". I stepped over the puddle, feeling it was pointless, but began to reel in fish after fish- large, beautiful tropical fish!" This was God's promise to me and I see His promise to me coming true each week within the Challenge Group!

It is a great testament to the commitment and hard work of all those involved in The Challenge group, that it has become a sanctuary of support for families; many of whom felt isolated, but now feel that they are "making the journey together".